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Dental model of gums and teeth

What is a scale and clean?

Dentists and hygienists, using special instruments, provide a more thorough clean than what simple brushing or mouthwash can provide. Plaque, calculus (or “tartar”) and stains all build up on your teeth and it is often not easy or even impossible to remove these yourself.

Why is a scale and clean important?

Plaque consists of bacteria plus their nutrients and mineral deposits from saliva. Plaque can be removed with correct brushing and flossing (brushing correctly twice per day and flossing once per day is a good start). However, when left alone, plaque builds up (often in the places you can’t see) and creates acid and toxins which cause tooth decay and gum irritation. Once plaque hardens (and becomes calculus), it provides a perfect home for more plaque, since calculus is full of holes. This all happens without any pain and you will probably not see any (quick) changes when looking in the mirror when brushing, except for some mild bleeding from your gums.

Getting your scale and clean is the first step in preventing bigger problems from occurring. Once decay is established in a tooth, it needs to be filled. Fillings don't last forever so they need to be replaced. Repeated replacement can weaken the tooth over time and the tooth may eventually need a crown and root canal treatment. If it breaks or is too weak, replacement of the tooth may be needed with a dental implant (costs up to $6,000) or removable dentures (or "plate"). Prevention is much cheaper and less painful than active treatment!

What should you do?

Book your regular scale and clean now. If you haven’t seen us for a while, your dentist will also need to perform a check-up on you to make sure you haven’t developed any issues that you are unaware of (catching things early is always better in dental). Leaving it too late leads to more pain and treatment that could cost you thousands of dollars. Call us on (08) 9301 4088.

Also: Our Oral Health Therapist and Hygienist

Here at Dental at Joondalup we know that it’s very important to maintain regular scale and cleans. We have highly experienced staff who are trained in adult oral hygiene and can help you maintain good oral health. For children, we have our Dental Therapist who can help your children establish beneficial oral hygiene techniques at an early age in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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